photography can seriously damage your health


here's a word to the wise ... do not walk into a glass door while looking at the settings on your camera lcd.

it can lead to multiple lacerations and a severed tendon in your right hand requiring emergency treatment and plastic surgery the following day in a trauma clinic.

just thought i'd mention this, and i'll catch up with you all anon ..


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Oh Paul!!!!:eek:

I walked into a glass door once - sans camera - and did end up with plastic surgery (eventually and thank goodness) above my eye...

Wow, that must have been a serious stride you were taking while checking your settings!


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whoa, hope your hand will heal soon! Severed tendon does not sound good, neither does plastic surgery! Take care!


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I saw a child running in a mall once towards a toy store window. Evidently he thought it was part of the door being next to the door. The kid bounced off, lay there flat on his back for several seconds and then he sat up, stood and walked into the toy store through the real door. I guess big people aren't as resilient. I hope you heal quickly Paul and advice taken.

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