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Thought I’d have a go at a Pastel sketch as a change from photography. The attempt after so many years was such a disappointment that I immediately went out and bought gouache paints. The Pastel drawing remains unfinished & insipid on paper. The gouache paint box is unopened at the moment.

Last night I tried a few photos of the pastel drawing & re- tweaked it – A crop helped then after some more adjustments it brought more detail out & gave me another viewpoint I hadn’t thought of to maybe start another drawing.

Truth be told I’m now more inclined to print & hang the photo than the original “artwork” in all its insipid glory - it will still need a bit more work before printing though.

Lessons learned

  1. Don’t exclude any medium.
  2. Photography can & does help
  3. Always experiment
  4. Digital costs less

Pastel Detail 1

by roger-evans, on Flickr​


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I like it too. I think part of what led me to photography was my inability to draw ANYTHING - I suck at stick figures. Kind of like I play a bad guitar because I can't sing. If I could create an image out of whole cloth like you just did, I'd probably put my camera down. And if I could sing, I'd only use my guitar as an accompany instrument...

Nice work - enjoy the process...



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Thanks Kyle & Ray - There's Satisfaction + Frustration in both methods & each takes time the more you play
just reworked the original & playing with a Pan stitch of all things


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I have a severe disability. I cannot render what my eye sees onto paper. That's why I'm a photographer too - I have the knack of 'seeing' compositions wherever I look and all it takes is for me to raise my camera to my eye and voila!


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Has to be viewed as a learning exercise especially as this & subsequent tweaks have not worked as well as I hoped for.


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I love it's vibrancy. No reason not to mix up the mediums. I love colour but can't paint or draw to save my life. I find fiddling around with VSCO film and colour/curves in LR give me an outlet for my creative side.

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