Leica Photokina 2010: Leica X1 second firmware upgrade coming soon!


betwixt and between
Thanks to Andy Barton on L. Camera who took it upon himself to visit the X1 "netherworld" (my term, not his, and meant in jest, sort of) I was just alerted to the fact that Leica is indeed planning a much awaited second firmware update to the X1. And I must quote him:
For those of you that have missed it, our friend David Farkas has had it confirmed at Photokina that Leica are indeed working on an updated firmware for the X1.

It will only work on the black finish model, but, it's a start.

(One sentence above isn't true ;) )

Naturally, from there I ran to Leica Rumors who concurred basically saying the same thing without the added humorous jab. And being completely obsessed, I then found the original "tweet" by David Farkas here: Twitter / David Farkas: Just got confirmation that ...

All that said, I'd call it good news.:D