Photokina 2010 WishList

Item number one is that I wish that the Photokina was a bit earlier.;) I wish for a great upgrade to the Leica D-Lux line and hope it will include some of the suggestions others have discussed. If it is not a serious upgrade that interests me, then I may have a nice shot at buying the current version, if I go that root, as self centered as that sounds.

What is it that you wish for Herman?
  • Panasonic GF2 with build-in (if possible even tilt-able) EVF at same or even smaller form factor of GF1 (with build-in flash)
  • Panasonic GF2 with better High ISO performance + out of camera JPG performance (like Olympus)
  • Pentax K-7 Super with better High ISO performance
  • Pentax to join m43 with K-5 combining the best of GF2 with best of K-7... (compact + weather sealing + performance + functionality)
  • Sigma & Tamron to join m43 with ~50 mm F ~1.5 primes as well as full range zoom 14-200 mm, all with in-camera lens corrections like Panasonic lenses on Panasonic bodies...

Am I asking too much?
  • Nikon / Canon also targetting the more serious compact market (with exchangable lenses) to further reduce the price premiums currently being asked...
  • Panasonic will say that the m4/3 14mm is in production and will be available any day now!
  • Panasonic will announce additional HQ m4/3 primes, and so will Olympus!
  • Zeiss will announce m4/3 lenses!
  • Ricoh will say the 28mm A12 is in production and available any day now!
  • Ricoh will announce 21mm and 35mm A12s!

And continuing the dream... Olympus will announce the more durable, more performant E-P3 with improved dynamic range, no anti-aliasing filter, built-in and improved EVF, and an available m4/3 12-60mm zoom kit.

Actually, I'm really curious about the rumored modular Olympus 4/3 camera.
I think the LX5 and super fast bridge zoom of Panasonic are very good moves, hopefully they also bring interval / elapse software functionality...
- Support of optional external EVF is good news for many (potential) customers
- Maybe some would have hoped for GPS
- I am curious how much the improved sensor will bring high ISO / dynamic range

Sounds like Panasonic is pretty much ready to fully focus m43 ;)
Panasonic GH2 - 14MP - Weather sealed - Selectable Video Codecs and frame rates including High End Pro Spec. - Optional Battery Pack/Grip - Improved High ISO performance to 6400 ISO - Less fussy layout.
3D cameras (Pan & Sony)
Modular camera (Oly)
Small DSLR (Canon)
Mirrorless camera (Nikon)
Rangefinder camera
"Simplified" (retro) mft
New afordable lenses
Projector camera (Nikon)
Fuji, Pentax, Rollei joining mft
Panasonic GF2 14-18MP weather-sealed with a tilt-swivel screen, improved low light capability with higher dynamic range. A range of low light lenses (1.4 and 1.2). Battery grip for added speed. PASM, or just SAM. A concerted effort among many manufacturers for standardization, with mix and match M43 lenses, flashes, remotes, etc.. If Nikon and Canon were to enter the M43 fold, adapters that would auto-focus their lenses on M43 would be desirable.
From Panasonic
A fast (f2 -f3.3) wide angle zoom 24-80 mm effective for m43
A very fast 25mm m43 prime f1.4 or faster
A very fast 40mm m43 prime f2.0 / f1.8
Hoping to see:
  • Autofocus Micro 4/3 lens at 40 or 50mm and f/1.8 or faster
  • GH1 replacement with an improved sensor and smaller than current GH1
  • Sony NEX camera with an integrated EVF
  • Very small Panasonic or Olympus camera with 4/3 sensor and fixed 17mm f/1.8 lens
Dreaming about:

  • Zeiss and Cosina Voigtlander lenses for Micro 4/3, Sony NEX, and Samsung NX
  • Ricoh GRD IV with new 1" Fuji sensor
  • Zeiss Ikon Digital
I'm moving in the direction of using the Micro 4/3 for all my photographic needs, so I'm most interested in new µ4/3 products.
But competition is good, so I'd like to see Nikon or Canon introduce competing systems.

Specifically, I'm hoping to see the following µ4/3 products:
- A more rugged, fully featured GH2 with improved sensor
- A very compact µ4/3 body - no larger than than the NEX-5 - that can serve as a backup to the GH2 or for outings when a light kit is necessary
- f/1.4 or brighter prime in the range of 25 to 30mm
- f/2.0-2.8 18-50mm (or similar) zoom for shooting indoor social events

I'd also like to see another camera manufacturer joining µ4/3 and launching their own products.
I would like to see an inexpensive, maybe 4megapixel camera with basic auto functions made for a young child (7-12 years old). The kodak brownies sold for just a few dollars. Inflate that and we should be able to provide one for around the $20 range. Shouldn't have to wait to save a bundle before unleashing the creative juices. Might do us good to see the world through a childs eyes and perspective. I have let my granddaughter use one of my less expensive cameras from time to time and the results are pretty interesting. A couple of films have been made about cameras and kids in India and such which are also very interesting and have produced some very creative results. All those were with film cameras. The latest and greatest is fine but we should not forget the basics