Photokina 2016 - meet-up on Saturday evening (September 24th)?


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Dec 29, 2013
After 25 years, I'm once again heading to Cologne (Köln, Germany) for a weekend of first-hand experience with the latest offerings on the market.

If anyone wants to meet on the floor or would be partial to an evening out in the city on Saturday (September 24th), I'll be glad to organise something (or at least coordinate the meet-up - place and time, mainly).

Following my personal preferences, I'm actually inclined to join a rather exclusive evening of Whisky tasting (there's an event on at Whisky-Depot Köln), but of course, since it's not my main reason for travelling there, I'm happy to settle for something else and would certainly prefer interesting conversations to decidedly single-minded (pun intended) pleasures :)

I'm also partial to some nice Jazz (or general well-played live music), so heading to Papa Joe's would be an option as well - but of course, live music isn't conducive to talking ...

I speak English and German (my mother tongue) and can express myself reasonably well in French (but would probably have to suffer a bit due to my limited vocabulary ...).

If someone is interested in meeting, please post here.



Jan 19, 2015
Sounds to me like an easily achievable weekend trip for me - if only I still lived in London. Oh well....have to say, I'm feeling a bit jealous of any forum members in Europe when I see invitations like this, especially when Ryanair has London-Cologne flights for 10 pounds(!). I'd expect they'll be a bit of interest in this Matt.

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