Meetup Photokina Ricoh meetup 21/22

Cristian Sorega

There is much speculation about what Ricoh might or might not announce and what is happening with them.

I think Photokina will be very interesting and we will see quite a bit from Ricoh and Pentax. Ricoh has never been known to have leaks way before their official announcements so it will not be any different now.

I will be at Photokina and meet with some other Ricoh users and with Ricoh so if some of you guys are around on the 21st and 22nd let me know and we can arrange a Ricoh meetup, maybe we get some space at the Ricoh booth for this depending on how many we are.


Sunny Frimley
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Bill Palmer
Hi Cristian,

I am sorry I can't be there but I will be watching your reports with great interest. I have high hopes for a new incarnation of the GXR body; there is nothing wrong per se with the body as it stands but I would like to see something bigger with a built in EVF as well as a re-sensored M module.
Guys, meeting up with Cristian and the likes is great fun. I can't make it 21 or 22 though, but will be at Photokina on September 18. I will be around noon at the Pentax Ricoh booth.
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