Photolemur 3 by Skylum - Free


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Not sure the story behind this one but you can grab a free license for Photolemur 3 by Sklyum at the moment. Just enter your email and you'll get a license key sent to you.
Here's the info' on the actual application, available for both Windows & Mac. Note: The license is for "Photolemur 3", the last major version before the current version, "Photolemur 2019".
Photolemur is theoretically able to automatically "fix" your photos. I've been reluctant to pay for it but maybe now I'll try it.

AuroraHDR is up to v3 or 4, and yes, it does HDR. Its not bad if you like that sort of thing. Its useful in some cicrumstances, but too easy to overcook.

HRRRRRRMMMM. Waiting for a licence key to arrive, and wondering if this will be bait and switch.
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I installed this a while back, it was free in some other promotion, I think. It’s not bad, a bit like using the auto button in Lightroom, but with a bit more intelligence. I know Skylum have a blog post about the difference between Photolemur and the AI Enhancer in Luminar, but tbh I’ve never got round to reading it!