Photopea is a Free Photoshop Clone That Runs In Your Browser


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Photopea is a Free Photoshop Clone That Runs In Your Browser
Want a Photoshop-style image editor without paying any money and without downloading any software? Check out Photopea. It’s a free Photoshop clone that runs right in your Web browser.

Photopea supports most of the file formats you’ll need, from JPG and GIF to actual PSD files. And yes, Photopea supports layers, so you’ll be able to do some pretty complex editing in the app if needed. Other features found in Photopea include layer masks, blend modes, brushes, selections, and much, much more.

Photopea | Online Image Editor


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But... the premium is $9 a month. Not far short of the real thing, and no lightroom.
The 90 day plans work out cheaper, $20/3 months but, yeah, at $9.99 for the Adobe 20gb Photography plan which includes LR then it really isn't that cheap.

It's interesting that they also offer a 'whitelabel' subscription to allow other sites to offer Photopea on their own sites with their own branding (eg: Online Photoshop Free - Web Based Free Photoshop Editor) so I wonder if that is their real revenue generator.
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As of yet, while it displays JPEGs and DNGs well (and quite snappily), it doesn't appear to want to play ball with other RAW files, even though it recognises them, so they're probably going to add support for them at some point in time. However, at least for my mobile needs, some form of native RAW support would be important. I don't want to have to convert everything to DNG first (it'd mean using online tools on the go for certain devices - thus, gobbling up bandwidth!). For working from JPEG, Polarr already does a very fine job and runs natively on all devices, no need for an internet connection.

On the other hand, looking through the menus, this app is impressively full-featured, even though I'm not at all familiar with the PS workflow and struggle a bit to find my way through. But it offers a lot, and if the placement of the ads stays the same, I don't even see the immediate need for a subscription, so I can keep exploring ...

EDIT: Urgh, it just coughed up and crashed, taking all edits with it. This app needs some serious resources - even though it seemed to run okay on the bigger of the two Chromebooks, it first hung and then died. So, at least for the time being and for my specific needs, not suited.

EDIT 2: Just to make myself clear: My issues with it don't take away from the achievement this app represents - it's just my perspective.

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