Photos from the London South East meet-up - post 'em here!


Aug 13, 2011
Sunny Frimley
Bill Palmer
Some shots from the get together this weekend - more to come, I'm sure :wink:

A railing or two...
View attachment 55051

Crowds gathering for the Rock of Ages Premiere in Leicester Square
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and a couple from the Sikh protest in Trafalgar Square
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View attachment 55055

All these shots were taken with the GXR and M Module, in this case wearing a 50mm Sonnar mostly used wide-open. I was not the only GXR user on the day...
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More here:
London June 2012 - a set on Flickr

Cristian Sorega

Apr 23, 2011
Thanks for organising Bill!

Great to meet everyone and interesting discussions. The most interesting thing however about this is always to watch everyone's different style at approaching subjects and in the end to see what pictures everyone has taken.

Below are the ones I posted on my blog, will try to post some others here.

We both took this one so here's my version of it. Same camera but different lens and vantage point:



Top Veteran
Apr 23, 2011
Some really great shots, looks like a colourful day! And I'm with Bill, the smoking lady is a smashing picture for about a dozen different reasons.

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