photos gone wrong

Thought it would be fun to share shots that went horrible wrong, yet upon further inspection are kind of cool.

Took this last night, supposed to be of the orange low laying moon, but obviously the camera moved a bit:
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this is what happens when I forget to check the aperture before embarking on some night shots ... hit the shutter release, expect the shutter to firee, start walking ....


night works by _loupe, on Flickr


In this first photo from our summer vacation my son had knocked me over while I was taking pictures with the Sigma DP2s (a 5 year old can have surprising force :eek: ). I soon realized the lens had been knocked out of alignment, but that it was easily fixed. While in this state the images have a tilt-shift look to them that I actually like in this picture...

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This picture is what happened every now and then when I used the panoramic scene mode on my Olympus XZ-1. People would move around while I was panning (the XZ-1 takes three pictures and combines them)...


Ray Sachs

Not too far from Philly
you should be able to figure it out...
A couple of street shots that were NOT what I envisioned, but liked anyway. Both from last year. Obviously the VAST majority of the shots that didn't work as intended are just worthless and will never see daylight and are generally trash-binned pretty fast. But every now you get one that you like for its abstract flaws, not despite them...

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