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H and Eli (photo gone wrong) by gracefruit, on Flickr

I have no idea why this was so badly out of focus, but I kept it. My daughter had just finished a pot of yoghurt and was sharing the dregs with our cat Eli.
Once I read your post, I can see what was intended. Too bad it turned out bad, could have been a great one.

Looks fun as a mistake though.


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Sep 26, 2010
The big white squiggle is the moon. The swoop up is a wave. The hairy stuff on the right is moonlit seaspray.
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Sep 23, 2011
There was a time I worked hard on my portraiture. I ought to get back to that... Compacts seem to allow you to relatively unobtrusively get in close and "fill the frame" to good effect.

In this particular instance I had it all lined up. It was going to be a beautiful dreamy shot of this boy looking off into the sky... Just as I triggered the shot he engaged the camera and grabbed his nose to be funny.

I cannot quite decide... is it indeed a shot gone wrong? Yes, it is, but... he's doing what kids do... so...

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Thanks for looking...

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