Photoshop Elements 8 or 9?


Apr 4, 2011
Derby, UK
I've never done any processing other than straightening, cropping and auto fix. I'd like to do more.
My camera (LX5) came with Silkypix which I can't get on with at all. Photoshop Elements is about the budget I'd be happy to spend, I can get the latest version 9 or for half the price the older 8, though the price difference isn't really significant. I understand both will handle the RAW files from the LX5, though 8 needs a plug in and I'm not sure if that makes it fully functional. I've read a thread here that suggests the RAW handling on 9 was inferior to 8?
So the question; Which am I better off getting and why?


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Jan 21, 2011
Houston, TX
I'm a long-time user of Elements - Versions 1 through 6 - for PC. I stopped upgrading when Lightroom came along but I still use 6 for some post-LR editing. But I did some research on 8 vs. 9.

Bottom line for PC users: no change in ACR functionality. PS Elements 9 should be your choice, as future releases of the ACR plug-in may only work in that version. That's a pretty standard approach for Adobe; "encourages" upgrading to latest version. ACR plug-in for Elements has all the basic functions activated, but doesn't include a number of more advanced features of ACR available in CS5. But - good enough IMHO.

For Mac 8 vs 9 is more of a change. 9 finally brings the Organizer function to Elements - at the expense of eliminating Bridge. Viewed as a step down by many. I believe Bridge incorporated more of the advanced features of ACR, but that I can't confirm. For OP, not an issue.

Hope this helps.


Jul 16, 2010
Chuck, you are right, Elements 8 for Mac comes bundled with Bridge (CS4) which contains the full version of ACR plugin (though it does not support Camera Raw releases after 5.7). Highly recommended over 9! RAW files of newly supported cameras can still be read by older versions of PS / Elements if converted to DNG format using the free Adobe DNG converter.
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Nov 5, 2010
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Stand by for lots of daft questions!
You haven't got the monopoly there. :blush:

Patience seems a strong virtue of most folks here and they have put up with a raft of questions from a gumby like me from the first day I joined....and that's why I love this place so much!
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Jul 7, 2010
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Amen, to not being alone with "daft questions"! Let's see...I could start a list but I'd be here all night...and need to take my constant companion, Shetland Sheepdog, out for a still sunny and finally warm day's evening walk!:wink:

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