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Probably Not Walter Kernow
OK, I finally have some of my stuff in the can and off to be developed.

Time to load up some more cameras and film.

To that end, I thought I'd start a thread to take the pain out of choosing - let your fellow forum-ites pick for you.

Cameras -
Olympus OM 4Ti
Nikon FE

Film -
Kodak Ektachrome 200 (very expired)
Kodak BW400CN
Ilford FP4 125
Fuji Superia 400

Its winter here in the southern hemisphere otherwise I'd have thrown in some Fuji Velvia 50 too.

Let me know your suggestions for film/camera combinations.
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As far as the camera is concerned, I'm very interested in results from the Olympus; I own the FE myself and use it regularily.

But I'm afraid you'll have someone else choose the film for you; all I can say is that I'd pick a b&w emulsion. Winter also often calls for 400 ISO ... But that's not a preference, that's only pushing numbers ...

I'm waiting for my OM-2 body to turn up in the post , But I wouldn't hesitate to give the FE a run. I really like FP4 and delta 400.
So Nikon FE and the FP4. Done and dusted.
FP4 sample.
img074 (2).jpg


Probably Not Walter Kernow
Thanks guys, the Internet has Decided :)
I'll go with B&W in both cameras - the Kodak BW400 in the OM-4Ti - its metering is usually pretty good and its a bit more compact so I'll carry it around more and I should get some solid scans. I'll pop in a 28mm for some wide-action.
I'll put the Ilford FP4 into the FE and see how I go. I'll use the E version of the 50mm to keep the size down.

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