Micro 4/3 Pictures from Feb trip to Eastern Sierra's Taken with GF1 and 14-45mm Lens


the old shack is my fav. Really nice stuff. Love the color and contrast of each shot. Would like to
see these in dramatic B and W.

Cheers, Pete


betwixt and between
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Well Karen, you certainly know how to make an entrance... You go away for weeks and weeks and then suddenly come on here and blow us away with these beauties! What a gorgeous part of the United States that I have yet to visit. Stunning vistas and nature's grandeur at its best. I like them all, however your first knocks me over, Karen!

Karen Cole

Los Angeles, CA
tanngrisnir3...YES! we made out there found it no problem. No Mules or anything..just some horses outside the gate..between first gate from 395 and 2nd gate to Owen intake. Quite a history lesson for sure..something so simple caused all that damage...meaning a dry Owens Lake. Thanks for your directions and info...glad I got to see it.

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