Pictures within pictures: show (extreme) crops!

One nice day of early summer in 2018, I took my PEN-F and the Laowa 7.5mm to Kuopio, Finland. The ultra-wide manual focus lens posed questions as to what to shoot with it exactly. The Laowa was new to me, I had acquired it recently. The vast angle of view not yet mastered.

I knew it can be used to shoot streets! Let's see how it copes.

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Ok. Maybe it can shoot the streets but I can't. :D Off to the trash this (unedited pic) goes...

But wait, what is this here?

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Out of the poor "test shot" I dug this out, feeling very rewarded actually.

In the event of having blank page syndrome, would you take a wide-angle and just shoot at random, study the captured life and crop as much as it took to make a nice picture?

Or perhaps you made a considered composition at the scene but later sitting on the machine you noticed a subcomposition that works better?

So, there you are. Please post your extreme crops. Before/after or just the final result.


Good topic!

Personally, I tend to crop little, perhaps too little? Normally not to more than a format change going for a soothing 1X1, but I do have some shots that are rather heavily cropped due to subject matter, mainly birds and other small stuff.

I have been pondering it a bit after seeing the base photo of Elliot Irwings "Chiuaha and shoes" shot, which is a very tight crop of a probably less than 20% of the 135 frame, but since I am somewhat of an unrepentant small format shooter in the M43 system, and much of my back catalogue is even smaller formats, I have somewhat refrained from it.

I do have some notions as to both the Gigapixel AI from Topaz and Super Resolution from Adobe may be used for enlarging, either before or after cropping. It is something to experiment with, I think and my lust for that was stoked by this tread.

Splendid work going on above here, folks! :drinks:
Lilac breasted warbler.jpg

Quick grab from my FB, probably my most cropped one, 20% or so of the original frame if I recall correctly. Lilac-breasted Roller/Masai Mara. Taken with the GX8 and Oly 40-150 Pro with 1.4 TC. Will see if I can locate the original file and upload that afterwards.
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