Pictures within pictures: show (extreme) crops!


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One nice day of early summer in 2018, I took my PEN-F and the Laowa 7.5mm to Kuopio, Finland. The ultra-wide manual focus lens posed questions as to what to shoot with it exactly. The Laowa was new to me, I had acquired it recently. The vast angle of view not yet mastered.

I knew it can be used to shoot streets! Let's see how it copes.


Ok. Maybe it can shoot the streets but I can't. :D Off to the trash this (unedited pic) goes...

But wait, what is this here?


Out of the poor "test shot" I dug this out, feeling very rewarded actually.

In the event of having blank page syndrome, would you take a wide-angle and just shoot at random, study the captured life and crop as much as it took to make a nice picture?

Or perhaps you made a considered composition at the scene but later sitting on the machine you noticed a subcomposition that works better?

So, there you are. Please post your extreme crops. Before/after or just the final result.

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