Pigeon Point Lighthouse's Annual Fresnel Lens Lighting


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Every year, the fresnel lens on the Pigeon Point lighthouse is lit up for two hours. This year, I found out in time to go.

The first two shots are with my Leica M8 (Voitlander 28mm Ultron f/1.9), but I forgot to check the battery, so most of them are with my GF1 with the 20mm.

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Great series! I clicked on the first one and then followed through on your Flickr stream - very cool! I love the way as I'm scrolling through them that the lights change as does the lighting. Deirdre, as much as I know you are probably in love with that M8, those shots with your GF1 and the 20mm that show the stars just blow everything else out of the water.:bravo-009: Stunning!


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Series I wish I thought of or had time to do. Thanks for sharing! Should be produced in a vertical print/strip (maybe lower number of total prints). I'd hang that on my wall!