M-Mount PIXII rangefinder with M mount: bold move ...

Leica M-Mount cameras and lenses
They did indeed! The email I received seems to hint at optics as well, as there is a partial photo of a camera with a lens with the words Pixii and Zephyr-M visible...
I rarely display images in e-mails first go (you can end up with embarrassments if you do), so I didn't spot the lens image.

Interesting. But to be honest, I'm less fired up about that: There are so many fascinating options around already that sampling them all has become impossible.

But a contemporary digital M mount camera to rival Leica head-on? That's something I'd never have thought possible - and while Pixii has its quirks, they've arrived at a point where I'd have no trouble using one. I've been intrigued by Pixii from the get-go; I started this thread way back when the first one came out. Only the fact that I own three working digital Leica M bodies has prevented me from going after the APS-C offering which I frankly have less use for. The FF version, now ... I'll say it here, if either the M8 (which is showing actual signs of "cracking") or the M 262 cease to be, the Pixii Max will be coming in. Not that I hope they will. But if it happens, the target has shifted, so to speak.

Pixii is perplexing. It cranks out a nice image, a little goosed up but not enough to annoy. Usually it is not a problem. And I have to test the color profiles and find one that reminds me of Agfachrome which I preferred over Kodachrome. The color it does produce is closest to the X2D. And for some strange reason the Pixii with the lovely '57 KMZ J8 seems to produce the most popular of my images on Flickr. (https://flickr.com/photos/sandynoyes/stats) So a cross section of Flickr folks prefer the Pixii/J8 combo on the basis of views. That says something about the Pixii sensor and how David and his mecs have tuned it. And that particular sweet '57 KMZ J8.

I procrastinated for months on the A2572 to A2572+ upgrade and am going to ask that be applied to the FF upgrade.

Pixii is facile and technologically solid. It seems the bottleneck is producing the cameras. I am jumping on the FF and have the LTM and M42 lenses so this fits in just fine. I just need talent.

When I was a programmer I was always looking for the "FIXIT" verb, unsuccessfully. It's a trade joke. Now it is the camera setting that takes a good picture. Same luck. ;o)

Oh, my biggest Pixii beef has been fixed. The shutter is electronic and triggered by a switch. So the feedback had been a wimpy click. The latest firmware release has a volume control on the shutter button switch. Thank you, David.
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Further thoughts on PIxii. I am guessing that they may assemble parts but do not manufacture parts. This would be similar to Polaroid. They were marketing and R&D. I seem to remember that Timex made some of their cameras. Polaroid just cooked up and implemented the great ideas.

This may be very similar to what Pixii does. They are near the Swiss border and in a high tech fine engineering region. So they can sub out what they need and put it together on their own. On a personal level I don't care if they carve the cameras out of bars of Ivory soap. Just keep doing what they are doing, and send me that Max!

I have complained and found fault with Leica ever since I broke down and bought an M8.2 I guess I am fickle. And I complain about PIxii, too. But I buy them and use them for the same reason I bought the Leicas: I like how they work.