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Dominican Chapel of St Hyacinth
by Andrew Priest, on Flickr

The Heritage Council of WA describes the chapel thus:

‘In 1920 Monsignor John Hawes designed the Chapel for the Irish Dominican Sisters who had come to Yalgoo at his invitation and lived in a timber convent school overlooking the town. Hawes assisted a local builder, H.C. Jenny, with the construction of the chapel. Completed in 1922 the chapel, which had fallen into bad repair, was restored during the 1980s by the Shire of Yalgoo.

The Dominican Convent Chapel has high historic significance for its role in the religious outlook of the local community. The chapel has further significance for its close association with Priest Architect Monsignor John Hawes. The building is a prominent landmark feature of the town and nearby surrounds, commanding an elevated location.’

It is kept behind a chain-link fence now so the options to photograph it were limited when we visited.

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