Nature Plants of all kinds


betwixt and between

A Caster Bean plant, just started this summer from a seed. These plants produce rather dangerous seeds, but they're rather cool looking in a scifi sort of way, I think.

Taken with the Leica X1 f/9 @ 1/160 ISO 400

Taken with a GF1 with Olympus OM 50mm f/3.5 Macro.

All the trees were covered with mosses and lichens and stuff due to the humidity -- taken in the San Andreas watershed near San Andreas Lake (formed by the earthquake fault of the same name).
As soon as I saw this photograph, the thought "It's alive!" came to mind. To be fair, that's a quote from "Frankenstein" when Dr. Frankenstein realizes the monster is truly alive! And even though we know that all plants are truly alive, there is something a bit unnerving to me when I look at this vine climbing up the wall... It's as though it's trying to break in through the duct work. Great color, Christian! I like this photo but it does give me a sort of eerie feeling.
Bill, thanks for both of these. Your second one is quite a distillation - these stamens (?) look like a happy crowd of revelers, to me!

I'm sorry that I haven't always been able to respond in words to everyone's photos. I know it's not required but if I can, I like to. I see that I had missed some earlier. My apologies.

These threads that everyone can keep adding to are a great way to go.