Sony Playing with the RX100 (a number of images)


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This is a fun camera, but:

1) It's got way too many toys on it, leading to some flailing with the controls. For instance, I put picture effects behind the fn button, just to play with the red-only channel (everything else goes to B&W, except red). There are THIRTY THREE picture effects!!! Scrolling to find the red-only one was a hoot.

2) If this came out 4 years ago, I might have stayed with pocket cameras, but now that I've been shooting interchangeable lenses, I'm not sure I have the patience to press the on button, wait for the lens to extend, shoot, press off, put it back in my pocket. With my EPM1, I just keep the lens cap off, hold it in my hand, and press the on/off button when I want to shoot. Much quicker. If I try that with the RX100, then it defeats the pocket cam concept, and it still takes longer (lens extension, etc.). But if you NEED a pocket camera, I don't know why you would pick anything else.

Because LR doesn't develop RAW yet (I think ???) for the RX100, I'm just shooting JPGs, and playing with all the effects. Here's a couple samples:




regular, no settings

HDR then "auto tone" in LR

regular, no settings

HDR then "auto tone" in LR


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Some more from tonight. Just out getting groceries and gas

In the backyard before dinner. Cropped from 20MP to only 12MP. ISO 125

Lonely grocery carts. ISO 2000

a 20MP gas station spider with only 3.5X zoom at 3200 ISO(!)

a 20MP gas station spider cropped to 4.5MP at 3200 ISO(!) Zoom? We don't need no stinkin' zoom!


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Brisbane, Australia
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I like how the first HDR example has turned out. The second really brought out the shadows but has it revealed some CA where the branches meet the sky?

Your lonely grocery carts make for a really cool urban capture!