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Jul 13, 2014
Hi, my trip to Japan is coming up soon and I just realize that I had not thought about the voltage, frequency, plugs, etc. Anyway, I'll be in Tokyo which I think uses 50hz 100v current and the plugs resemble the ones here in the US. My question is, will it be safe to use my phone charger and my Leica battery chargers? I haven't read a definitive answer about them.

Another question, does anyone know if the electronics in Japan are really cheaper than here in the US? If that's the case I might want to score on a nice Fuji camera 👍. Anyway, I'd like some input along these lines and any other bit of advise you might think might be useful.



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Nov 3, 2018
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In regards to the first question, though the plugs might be the same type you'll still need a voltage converter for dealing with the 120v (US) versus 100v (Japan) and the different frequency.

Here's a good site that cross-references country adapter and voltage types...

In regards to the second question, make sure if you pick up any electronics for bringing back home that you take into account the first question in reverse. If you end up buying a camera in Japan but end up having to buy a new charger for it back in the States then are you still saving anything?


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Feb 1, 2013
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I think there's a good chance that your chargers will work OK in Japan, despite the difference in supply voltage and frequency. I just checked some of our chargers in the house (three phone, one camera) and they all carried wording something like this:

Input: 100-240V, 50/60 Hz

Can you see anything like that on your chargers? You may need to get your magnifying glass out as the print tends to be very small.



Jul 13, 2014
Thanks everyone. I read in one of the internet articles that "you probably won't have any problems with electric devices other than hair driers and such". I just wanted to make sure, and as Richard says, I see that the voltage specified in the chargers does include the Japan specifications...
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