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We are in the mist of changing how emails are sent from Cameraderie to our members. Please check your current email address at and update it if necessary.

Going forward we will be using the Amazon AWS/SES services for our outgoing mail. This will allow us to take advantage of the reliability of Amazon's international servers to help make sure members receive their intended emails, to use Amazon's reporting tools, and to better handle bulk email batches.

As part of the changes bounced emails will be automatically monitored. A "bounced" email means that the email could not be delivered because the email address is invalid, the receivers inbox is full, or other issue that prevents the email from being successfully delivered. Amazon has restrictions on how many invalid emails can be attempted to be sent before it automatically prevents any more emails to be sent at all from the site. A site with a high volume of bounced emails is also often flagged as a spammer and ends up being blacklisted.

Thank you!


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