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Please check your Cameraderie member account email settings! 📧

Earlier this summer we switched our outbound emails to be sent via Amazon to gain the benefits of using a dedicated email service instead of sending the emails from the local web service. As part of cleaning up our email sendings, bounced emails are processed and will automatically update a members account if too many bounced emails occur. A "bounced" email is when an email is sent out but the receiving server rejects the email because the address is invalid or other reason that would cause the delivery to fail. When the bounce threshold is reached the account permissions are automatically updated until the member either updates their email address or a moderator team member manually overrides the account status. Members who have chosen to never receive community emails are not affected since no emails would be attempted to be sent to them.

To check your email settings, verify your account settings in the following spots. 🔍
  • Account Details:
    • Email (your email address)​
    • Email options (whether to receive email or not)​
  • Account Preferences:
    • Email options (whether to receive email or not and whether to receive email alerts when somebody starts a new private conversation with you)​
    • Receive Email Digest (whether to receive the summary of recent activity in the Cameraderie forums; the default unless specified is to receive the weekly summary)​
    • Content options (whether to receive email alerts for content like forum threads or media gallery uploads)​
If you are unable to do any actions, such as posting in the forums, when you were able to previously then there is a chance that your account bounce threshold was triggered. When the threshold does get triggered you will see a notice displayed when you are logged in.

As always, if you are having a problem with anything feel free to ask any of the moderator team and we can take a look to see why you may be having problems. :)

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