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My problem involves photos but isn’t photography related.

A lot of my pix are ‘street portraits’. That is I ask permission first, usually. I offer to send subject a free copy(s) via email. Occasionally the photos are don’t go thru. They’re returned/rejected undelivered; used to be with a page of techno jargonese. Examples:

A- at an Art In the Park pic of guy and his new dog.

B- 15 mins later middle aged couple & daughter.

C- neighbor at block party.


A- sent pic, very cordial thanks

B- not delivered. Exchanged some text notes, but pic didn’t go thru, with note or separately.

C- several yrs later, diff camera different ‘computer’ (iPad) pic did not go thru. I handed iPad to subject; she tried texting NO go. Later, emailed the pic to my wife she rec’d OK.

I don’t know hardware/software others have. I do know I use iPad w/ iOS; wife uses Samsung w android.

I’m a tehnotwit that doesn’t speak even basic jargonese. PLEASE keep any thoughts simple enough that even I can understand them.

Thanks so much, in advance, for your time,

Apollo T.


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It probably has more to do with your carrier, ie phone company or internet supplier, how ever you connect to the internet, than anything else.
Just my SWAG.


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I handed iPad to subject; she tried texting NO go.
Are you really texting or using email? If actually texting then the SMS & even MMS protocols can vary wildly in regards to image sending limits by both devices (iOS, Android) and carriers (Verizon, AT&T, etc.)

If you're using email, what are some of the errors that you're getting bounced back?