Please join me in welcoming Mark, also known as stillshunter, to our Moderating team!


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I'm very pleased to let everyone know that Mark AKA stillshunter has graciously agreed to come on board to help us all here at Serious Compacts as part of our Moderating team!

Most of you will know Mark from being a longtime and very supportive member here at Serious Compacts. I know I'm not alone in saying how happy we are to have Mark here lend a hand. :drinks:


Bring Jack back!
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Congratulations mate! Glad you decided to finally take the position after Amin and BB sweetened the deal by including a titanium M9 and a Noctilux in the compensation package. Looking forward to seeing some F .95 bokeh. :wink:


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Thanks for the kind greetings all.

I hope never to have anything to do with any of you in an official capacity....but I expect you all to keep me grounded if the power goes to my head of course :wink:

But honestly, as I said to Amin, it's an honour to serve the board that served me so well all these years :th_salute:

Now Armando about that M9....

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