Please join me in welcoming Streetshooter to the SC Team, as Co-Administrator!


betwixt and between
It's my great pleasure to announce that Streetshooter, also known as Don, has decided to accept the invitation extended and join us all here as a Co-Administrator. Needless to say, I'm thrilled to have Don aboard in this capacity!

For those who have known Don as the Admin over on Mu-43, you know what he brings here. I know Don's creativity is already in evidence here at Serious Compacts, thanks to his photographs - and his, sometimes, creative use of the Queen's English is, as well.:D Serious Compacts has got some plans in the works, so stay tuned!

Welcome Don, and many thanks for making the administrative move over from across the hall! :drinks:


Administrator Emeritus
Philly, Pa
Thanks everyone. It was a difficult decision but what helped it along was the fact that I was not using m4/3 cameras anymore. I love the SC format cameras. I'm using the Nex5 and my trusty G9 sometimes.
The X100 should be in use soon, hopefully.

There is no door on my office. I'm available for comments, questions, answers etc anytime.
I'd like to help build this forum to the potential the members deserve.

We are open to your ideas. Please feel free to comment anytime.
I'm here, if you need me. Looking forward to a long lasting, fruitfull relationship.
Thanks, shooter

Ray Sachs

Not too far from Philly
you should be able to figure it out...
I can't keep track of who's a moderator or administrator where - you weren't already one? I guess just across the hall? Well, I can't say 'welcome' because you've always been here, but congratulations for the promotion or lateral move or whatever. I'll try to behave!



I know this thread is about Don, but Bill how the hell are you...hahahah.....oh and grats Don.

I can only guess at the mass confusion and utterly misinformed and unguided leaders we have
here now. Amin, I think you need to make Bill and myself co-co- admins just to keep the co-admins
in line. :D

Don, you are so the man and proud to be with you here!

Bill? still not sure yet.....

cheers all