Please share what did you get for Xmas this year?

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Scott Depot, WV, USA
I'm writing this on the Samsung tablet my wife gave me for Christmas. This has certainly been a season to remember. Yesterday was 3 weeks since my wife's quad bypass surgery, and today is 2 weeks since she was released from the hospital. I can see her getting stronger almost daily, and the last two days we have taken advantage of vastly improved weather to go on short walks around our neighborhood. Unfortunately, I received a call from my sister in the wee hours of Christmas Eve that our mom had asked her to call an ambulance due to shortness of breath and a crushing chest pain. She was in the midst of a severe heart attack, but fortunately never lost consciousness. She was immediately taken to the cath lab, where she received 5 stents, and another two days later. We found out today they think she has had a mini-stroke, as well. She is likely to be taken to a short term rehab facility the first of next week. Challenges abound, but it could have been much worse for her.