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"Sure, I believe in reincarnation. But I honestly never thought I'd come back as a flamingo. I mean, it's so... undignified."
(A pause, waiting for a response. But the only answer is a disdainful, cheesy snort.)
"You want to talk about dignity? Well let me tell you, being shaken up and turned upside down ten times an hour, eight hours a day, seven days a week, that's something I'll never get used to. But you know the worst part?"

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(A beat. Then the flamingo leans her long pink neck closer.)
"All those holes. All over. In my last life, I was super buff, I lived at the gym... and look at me now."
(The flamingo can't help it, she starts laughing, accidentally spraying tiny grains of salt on the table around them. After a moment, the swiss cheese joins in, spraying little specs of ground-up pepper that mingle with the salt.)