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"Klar bruucht's Regle - aber doch ned för mi ..."

(Of course we need rules - but they don't apply to me ... Swiss German - and Switzerland in a nutshell; the sign says: Shore path closed - no access. Of course.)

Die kamen von der anderen Seite ;)
They actually didn't (come from the other side), as a matter of fact - the situation was signalled on all access points anyway (I looked - because if it had been accessable, I'd've used the path myself). But yeah, probably one of the more common excuses ...

Trouble is, they only block access if using the path could (because of water-logged ground and destabilised portions of the shore) actually damage the path itself, up to and including parts of it sliding into the lake, which would make it completely unusable for the forseeable future. That's why it's unfortunately not only a weird joke, it's irresponsible to use the path in those circumstances.

People used to privilege (which literally meant "private law", originally) can be a right nuisance, putting short-term comfort over long-term consequences. The human condition ...