Canon PMA Sydney - Canon G11


Jan 31, 2011
Newcastle, Australia
Thanks Peter. No, I hit them up with a "Where's the E-PM" and naturally got a brick wall. Lots on display, 2 competitions running to win an E-PL2. One of them is to "hire" one for an hour and go shooting, bring the cam back and the photos will be entered in the comp. I was too knackered to do it, in the end, but I did spend a lot of time chatting to the reps so I could get the entry form and in 25 words or less etc, but the form had to be stamped by each area (DSLR, PEN, Travel cams and tough) before you could enter. I don't expect to win. At least I was able to get my hands on an E-PL2, which confirmed my suspicion that its better built than the 1 and appeals to me immensely. oh yeah the comp prize includes the EVF and a few other bits and pieces. Might have to spend money at DWI :)

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