Portait of Android Wins Photo Contest.

Here's a fun one.
The Poll was pretty evenly split. No question it's a great image, but the rules are pretty clear is must be a living subject, if I'm reading this correctly.
I dunno. I think it’s a pretty bad portrait lol. I feel the only reason this won was because it’s an android.
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Agree, as a portrait it does not looks like anything special. Wonder if any problems posing and getting the subject to stay still. After all it took 30 mins to get the shot!!!!
My thing is this. There are rules setup. If you are not going to abide by them as an organization, then I’m not going to have an easy time respecting you or any competitions you do. It’s not fair to the other competitors.

That image should have been disqualified for that years event. If they want to change the rules for the next year and then have that image resubmitted, then I’m fine with that.

I’m growing very tired of the rules being changed for things at the whim of those in charge. I’ll stop there as I fear if I go any further with that statement, I may get into a murky territory of breaking the forum rules and I don’t want to be a hypocrite.