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Shortly after I bought my first professional grade camera, I began to think I would like to be a people photographer, especially if they were attractive women. I worked in a department store where there were a lot of temps working their way through college. This was captured with a Canon A-1 and a 135mm lens just before sunset at a company sponsored amusement park outing. I wish I could remember more, but at that time I was also close to the end of my 20-year long addiction to drugs (the photo was made in the fall of 1983 and I got sober in the spring of 85).

I recently sold off a couple of camera bodies and two lenses to get the old cash flow back in shape after pre-ordering an X Pro3. One body and one lenses I absolutely couldn't consider selling was my aging but still totally functioning R-D1s and a 7a 35mm f2 m-mount. A combination that seems to work well together.
A somewhat self-posed shot of my wife tidying up the wood shed, formally know as the porch in warmer seasons.
Epson R-D1s, 7a 35mm f2, from an ERF file processed in Lightroom "Classic".
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Darlene - r-D1s-7a 35mm f2.jpg

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