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I'm no portrait photographer but I guess these two qualify.





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My high school senior Jake needed a headshot for a college scholarship application. Of course the application deadline was 40 minutes away and I needed to provide electronic tax documents as well.
My new to me quick rig - 28" collapsible beauty dish with a Godox V1 with a wall in his room as a backdrop. The small dish is a wonder to maneuver but isn't the softest. I boosted shadows a tad and added frequency separation in post(Jake needs to hydrate more regularly).

Apollo T.

Several years ago I went to a local ‘Art in the Park’ show. In addition to enjoying the day I wanted to practice taking a quick portrait. I asked her for a pic— I’m sure you’re familiar with her look of horror. She was obviously not in thee mood, but being more polite than assertive she yielded- with a grumpy look. I suggested she try a hat from the milliner’s stall where we were standing. She grabbed the hat shown and looked at me with a look of, “Now what?”
“Be playful.”
She looked at me oddly then started making funny faces and odd noises with her grand daughter. They really had a terrific time giggling and laughing. When she stood up I took this only frame. They appreciated my offer of a free copy with my thanks.
There’s a moral here- props work!!!


We were complete strangers.

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