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Film Portraits of Your FILM Gear


Apr 11, 2013
San Francisco
Here's my black paint MP with a Leicavit sitting on a stack of fiber based paper. That's a 50mm dual range Summicron attached, I love this combo except for the fact that the lens is chrome. Shot this with my MM, there's some irony in this somewhere.


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Mar 23, 2015
My Voigtlander Bessa R - nice camera to use (does feel a little cheap though) and pleasantly surprising Jupiter 50mm f/2 (which is actually cheap!)



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Mar 23, 2015
Not a particularly flattering portrait

Which resulted in this on Velvia 50 - the slide looked better than the scan but the vibrant red/Velvia combo was over-powering



Apr 27, 2012
Highland Park, CA
What are your thoughts on the BESSA R4M? Nice line up BTW!
I love the R4M. The rangefinder was bright as hell. If I had to get another Bessa though it would probably be an R3M. I pretty much choose the R4M because at the time i had a 28mm Elmarit that I was using with an M8. I figured the R4M had more framelines for all the lenses I had (28, 35, 50). Turns out I hated wide shooting and the frames for 50mm on this camera were too small. So that's when I moved to the M6 with the .85 finder.


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Nov 24, 2014
Scott Depot, WV, USA
Here's a photo of my recently acquired Konica Autoreflex T with 57/1.4 next to my NEX-6 with a Pen F 38/1.8. The Konica is in great physical shape, but the light meter doesn't work, even with fresh 675s installed. Granted, the batteries may be NOS that have been hanging on a shelf a long time, but no worries. I paid less for the T + 57/1.4 + 40/1.8 lenses than some on eBay ask for the 40 by itself. The lenses are in fantastic shape, so no big deal. My wife just rolled her eyes when I told her it was another display piece for my little camera museum. :D


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