Feedback Possible Adobe Flash Oddities...


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I noticed the Flash-enabled buttons such as "Upload a Photo" were blank as of late. Not sure when this behavior started, but it was very recently.

I checked my Flash installation, it said it was the latest version. Not trusting it, I re-installed. No dice.

So I jumped into preferences, turned that checkbox off and the button appears now.

I'm on FireFox 49.0.2 which confirms it's the latest build. Just odd.


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lately my Firefox and flash have been wreaking havoc with each other....enough so that I am considering using a new browser because I don't know how to fix it. But it's been hanging and crashing for a few weeks now.
Few weeks? Flash is evil. But I just can't see a long term alternative atm, there's always something you need it for.


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I think Flash is just buggy. The next major upgrade of our forum software is going to change the bulk image uploader from one that uses Flash to one that uses HTML5.

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