Micro 4/3 Possible new M4/3 lenses from Sigma.

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43rumors picked this up from one of their sources:

“Sigma guys are sending to our factories some micro 4/3s prototypes, (they have an actual “sigma” character logo = prototype) reworks of current 4/3rs. There are some issues with new panasonic autofocus compatibility but they do work fine on the olympus ep3. No release date (we just have seen the prototypes, i think release depends on sigma)“.

Could mean great things for Micro Four Thirds?

Source: 43 Rumors | Blog | (FT2) The first little Sigma lens rumor :)


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The question mark over third party lens manufacturers for m4/3 is whether they'll have access to the distortion correction that the native lenses use, or whether they'll have to do it all optically. That's going to limit their compactness. Also, if Sigma go mirrorless they need to decide what sensor size to design for. The problem with the 4/3 Sigma lenses was that the focal lengths weren't necessarily optimal for the smaller sensor size.