Challenge! Post an image of yours related to the one above it!


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Aug 27, 2013
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Miguel Tejada-Flores
What are we looking at here, Miguel? I can’t figure it out, although I expect I will feel foolish when you tell me!
I hope you don't feel foolish because this image was at least partially intentionally obscure - I was trying more for a geometric composition and interplay of lights and shadows - than of clearly illuminating or documenting my subject ;) - but, that said, I was standing on a slight incline, looking down at the wooden jetty which jutted out into an Oregon lake - while on the left-hand side, it was framed by trees - but to further complicate things, this image was processed with one of the built-in 'Art Filters' in my old Olympus - a filter which partially defocuses parts of the image. (I can't remember the exact name of the 'art filter', it was either 'diorama' or 'miniature' or 'toy' or something of that nature.) When you add all of those elements together - you wind up with an image which I found rather pleasing --- but also one which, as your astute comment (which I can't help agreeing with!) points out, is rather hard to 'identify'.

I remember at the time, my Olympus was saving files both as Art Filtered jpegs - and the RAW file as well - and I believe the 'straight' (or straightforwards) RAW file seemed boring to me alongside the Art-filter-version.

Thanks for asking the question, Martin - trying to answer it brought back some good memories for me.

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