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Tren de Metro-Subway Train.jpg


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A wonderful image, David.
If you pardon my (insatiable) curiosity - of what and where was it taken?
Hi, Miguel.

It's a VIA Rail train that ran between my home province and Montreal, no longer in service. I was in a parking lot not far from the station. Behind a fence was the rail yard where the train was idling. The dramatic light attracted my attention, and I liked the way it rendered the texture of the train cladding.

I had a Nikon D50 in my briefcase, and took one shot. Framed it to crop out a lot of clutter and emphasize the sky, and to make it more about the mid-century design of the train than its mechanical elements. Total grab shot, although I knew right away to should be in B&W.

The real lesson: it doesn't have to be a great camera, but it does have to be WITH YOU. With that in mind I went out shortly after and committed to the Ricoh GR family, sold my Nikon SLR gear.

Glad you like it.



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The World
by Andrew Priest, on Flickr

The Bahamas flagged 43,188 gt passenger (cruise) ship, THE WORLD (MMSI 311213000) on her approach to her berth, D Berth (no Passenger Terminal for this baby) at Fremantle Port. She had sailed from Broome, Western Australia with her next port of call being, Albany, Western Australia.

THE WORLD was built in 2002 is managed by Wilhelmsen Ship Management of the USA. She is a currently a unique passenger (cruise) ship in that she is the only residence cruise ship floating on the open wide seas. Apparently, there are a couple of ships in the works who will adopt a similar approach to cruising, The Utopia and the Marquette. What makes THE WORLD interesting is that whilst you can rent a studio on the ship, all the studios are privately owned. A top of the range studio can cost in the vicinity of $13 million-plus annual costs of around $1.3 million, whereas for the bargain hunters you only need to pay around $1 million. I have read elsewhere that you also need a minimum net worth of $5 million to be considered as being eligible to make a purchase.

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