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Because my work is a little hard to find lately. I have started part time in city based parcel distribution depot. :eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek:

This is what i have learned in the last 3 days
1/ Dont bother with fragile, this way up, or any other warning sticker.
2/ Pack well. box in box in box with far to much impact packing,
3/ totally wrap in brown or black high quality tape
4/ Make sure if possible that the address label is the only sticker on the box. (Write sender address in black permanent marker on another face)
5/ Try and pack the item so the C of G is low with the address label uppermost.

Be aware that your package may, no, will, have very heavy items placed on the top of it.
Also It could be subject to water damage ! Not rain but from flower boxes. I have picked up 2 tv's and had the bottom of the box fall out
because of this :eek:
Best packed items are usually from amazon. And the worst as i have seen so far are from Jessops. Seems they just put a sticker on the
items original box and post it. If you really need to order from them, insist it is packed securely.


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It happens everywhere. The following video shows Russian Post workers unloading the packages...


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