Post Processing RAW [dng] from Pixel 6a Files


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Just bought my wife a Pixel 6a phone.
From all reports they output reasonably good pics, albeit heavily worked over in phone.
It seems it is also possible to export photos as DNG files.
I'm wondering if the DNG file is going to be minus all the in-phone tuning and whether it would be simpler to just go with the JPEG output and not bother to post process the DNGs ?
I am, however, thinking of running them through DeNoise AI if needed.
Any thoughts people? 😊
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Martin Connolly
I don't know about the 6a, but when I had a 3a I found that I couldn't improve on the jpegs by editing raw files. However Google (as most phone manufacturers seem to do) overcook the HDR a bit. So a different camera app may give you results more to your taste.
Having said all that, I miss my Huawei P20 - I only gave it up because of the ongoing support issue - as it created DNG files that were eminently editable.