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Sunny Frimley
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Bill Palmer
This year we decided not to buy and send cards (at 60p for a first class stamp Dick Turpin is alive and well) Instead we have made a donation to charity (AICR) and emailed our seasons' greetings together with a PAFIY (Print And Fold It Yourself) Christmas card for those who would otherwise feel cheated if their mantel was not groaning under the weight of cards.

Here's ours, feel free to share yours here :biggrin:

Christmas card 2012.jpg


Newcastle, Australia
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I have a 2 year subscription to Jacquie Lawson so mine are always electronic. I keep thinking I ought to send, but I know myself well enough to know that no matter how I might want to, even buying and writing cards and sealing them in envelopes... theres something between me and the postbox... I just never get them there.


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Well, it was going to be this one[url=][img][/url] Wee Bothy by heather_t_vet, on Flickr[/IMG]
But then, in the end, I went for this. When I got them back from the printer it was darker than I wanted but hey ho....
[url=][img][/url] Haut Atlas by heather_t_vet, on Flickr[/IMG]

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