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e410 with 25mm Zuiko Pancake Lens



e510 with 25mm Zuiko Pancake Lens


ah this'll be interesting .. never used one but they strike me as much underrated cameras ... I've seen some wonderful images on other sites ... if we're lucky some E-5-ers will come along and show us just what stunning results can be got with a good eye, an Olympus sensor and Olympus glass ... your shots are also rather fine Lili ..


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I will put my hand up as a 4/3 tragic, even though I really have no reason to be. I have been shooting Canon DSLRs for years, know them, love them, trust them, etc. They are everything I want in a DSLR system. So why did I end up with 4/3 gear? Well the concept intrigued me. A clean-slate, dedicated digital SLR sytem built around advanced electronics, a slightly smaller sensor promising smaller bodies/lenses, and a standardised (!!!) lens mount. It is probably fair to say the Micro 4/3 is the ultimate evolution of 4/3, truly delivering the smaller size we were all promised. However, given the relative efforts of Panasonic and Olympus you get the feeling that while Micro 4/3 was Panasonic's baby, Olympus is still reluctant to abandon the original 4/3 concept and commit fully to Micro 4/3.

I will qualify this by saying that I have never used an E-1, E-3, E-5, or E-30, but I cannot say hand-on-heart that any of the 4/3 SLRs I've used come up to the standards of my Canons (albeit the Canons are later models). The low-light autofocus is frustrating, the LCD screens poor, the viewfinders tiny (with shooting info on the right instead of underneath where it should be!), but for whatever reason they just feel right in the hand and coupled with some of the better Zuiko and Panaleica lenses are capable of taking some truly wonderful images. Sadly though, due to a recent as yet undisclosed purchase I think my 4/3 gear is next on the 'bump' list. I will keep a few of the lenses for my Micro 4/3 camera but I think most of the 4/3 equipment will have to go (although, now I think of it, I can keep the E-410 because it cost me virtually nothing when I purchased it with some lenses and it very helpfully donates it's battery as a spare for my E-P1 from time to time!).

Anyway, sorry for the ramble. I believe this was an image thread.

All shots taken with an E-410

Olympus Zuiko ZD 4/3 9-18mm f4-5.6


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Leica 4/3 14-50mm f2.8-3.5 D Vario-Elmarit O.I.S.




Olympus Zuiko 4/3 ZD 50-200mm f2.8-3.5



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I have an E420 still although my daughter is "borrowing" it now. Lili you are making me wish I still had the E510! I still have my beloved zuiko 50mm macro though and live in hope of a pro Olympus m4/3 body!


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Jeff, thanks for bringing this thread back up with your own pictures! Your surprised cat and that last one of the soft, wet snow covered scene are my two favorites - especially the latter. It's beautiful.

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