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What brings you to NL?
Nice people and just as importantly just like me, lots of tall people - I like that. Plus Utrecht, where the photo was taken is where Marco Van Basten is from, so that in itself is good enough for me. I wanted to see other parts than just Amsterdam where many of my countrymen can often, depending on the occasion, make a fool of themselves.

Also, do you know why they'd be wearing high visibility vests? Doesn't look like a traffic control?
This particular day, everyone was having a party in the streets, I reckon the police were joining in but also making everyone visibly aware where one of them was in case some of the partying went on a bit too hard.
Not a policeman/ policewoman per se, no this is a Police Box, these things existed from the late 1920’s to the late 1960’s, essential ‘call-posts’ for the Metropolitan Police right up until the time when advancements in technology saw the introduction of personal radios and walkie-talkies etc. This one's still standing here now as it has heritage listed building status.
Police Canon.jpg

M/ Canon 50mm F1.2 LTM
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