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A few street images from walking around yesterday. There's a definite influx of tourists again, and as a local I have mixed feelings, even more mixed than usual this year with Corona-concerns. Sticking to the open air and not touching much most likely keeps me safe, but I feel for business owners who need to keep their doors open to crawl back from the last few months (which for a seasonal area like ours happened right after the winter slump) but must comply with new rules and try to get their patrons to do the same.



The bewildered look.


Looking into a shop.


Please use the hand sanitizer.



Unmasked, demasked and masked.





I used the snap focus feature on the GR set to 2.5 and 5 meters at f8. These were developed in camera with some cropping as well, as I was mostly shooting from the hip.

I haven't been able to get away to any bigger cities since last October, and don't really want to right now. Usually, this small town is either too slow for street shooting or else too full of tourists being boring - but these days there seems to be an added element of uncertainty, or something, in their faces and I'm finding the nonlocals more interesting to shoot. Or perhaps it's in my mind. But, either way, it's a good opportunity to scratch the street photography itch during this strange time.

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