Nikon Praise for Df


Jan 28, 2014
Helsinki, Finland
This guy has found Df



Jul 7, 2010
I've had mine since the day it was sold in stores.

The author also has a Leica M-E (CCD Version)

His taste in digital cameras is much like my own.


Hall of Famer
Apr 2, 2018
DSLRs and Rangefinders have more in common today than ever. They both share the good legacy of optical viewfinder experience, center-weighted focusing, and the lack of exposure preview.

My time with Df was way too short. I had a lackluster walk with the camera, but also one wonderful walk. (Lens choices!) The good times was too much of a good thing and I panicked. I panic-returned the camera.

Some time has passed and these days -- you may know -- I'm eyeing buying the camera brand new from Nikon.

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