Praying and spraying a wedding


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I better pick the wedding photographer very carefully ...

That's painful to see and read about.

Maybe the blur was done on purpose! Artificially induced bokeh!!

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you should be able to figure it out...
That's some funny stuff - in Luke's post. The couple in the original post have every reason to be pissed. And they can't even recover their money because the photographers went out of business. No wonder...



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OK.....let me play devil's advocate for a second here. I do weeks of research before buying a $500 camera. They spent more than twice that to hire a photographer for what some think it is the greatest day of their life. Surely they didn't have a good portofolio if they don't even bring a flash to the job. I feel for them, but it's hardly one of life's great tragedies.

Yes, they bought some crappy photos, but they've got each other.


I guess it is all fun and games to point out flaws in wedding photographs but it is most nerve racking when it happens to you.

A very long time ago when, I was first shooting for a living, I shot a weddings with my ISO set wrong on my light meter. The negatives were two stops off and very thin. I knew how important the wedding was for the bride and a how important a botched shoot would have been for my reputation. It took me five times longer than normal to get good prints of the wedding and even at that there were fewer keepers. In the end the results were more than acceptable and the bride never knew about my screw up.Thank god for the wide latitude of B&W.

To this day I doubly check my camera settings before I set out on a shoot so it was a lesson well learned.

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