Leica Prettiness in the Garden


Neat choice for low contrast with the sun and shadows. The effect is for me to want to grab a hammock there and take a nap, especially with the rainy cold weather we're having here. :)

Kookie B.

Gotta be honest -- this one doesn't quite do it for me. Too soft, washed out, etc. I'd like to compare it to the OOC and let the 'Lux shine as will the flowers in the garden.

Ed B.


Sunny Frimley
That's okay, but sometimes that shining Lux look can become a bit boring and expected! I like to process but not always, there are times when only the native look will do ;)


Actually it was the non-sharp look that attracts me to this image. I see it as impressionistic, a bit of a Monet Water Lillies effect. But it does not look like it is is an attempt to copy someone else's work. It is a Christilou look, I guess. That is why I like it.

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