Leica Prices of used Leica M9 and M240- about the same now.

I went to the Leica website, wanted to see what the current offer is. The main site now has a used camera section.


I find it interesting that the prices of the M9 and M240 are "about the same" now. This most likely reflects the M9 being updated with the new CCD's, meaning a recent CLA. I'll be holding onto the M9 and M Monochrom for a long time.

The M240 uses Big-Endian DNG, the M9, M Monochrom, M8, and M10 all use little-endian DNG. But I doubt that accounts for a price difference for most people. Big endian is much harder to write code for on an Intel processor.


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I hadn't noticed that they were selling used equip. Thanks for sharing. It does seem that the M9 type cameras have held their value with the replaced sensor.

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