Pride and Anger


Huntsville, AL
First off, I'd like to thank those who had the recent storm victims in their thoughts in prayers.

I also must say that I have so much pride in my community for pulling together. Tons of volunteers came out to help those in need.

Now to the Anger part.

I'm not an angry person. At times I get frustrated and upset. We all do. However, I have never in my life been so angry.

My place of work was out of power for 4 days. My company has insurance for such times. They also can apply to FEMA for loss of business. However, we found out today that they are going to take vacation days from us for the time the building was out of power and the business was closed.

Keep in mind I am a salaried employee. We are expected to make deadlines regardless of vacation. We are expected to make deadlines if it means we work extra to get the job done. My company believes that not only should I be penalized for vacation time during this tragic event, but I am also expected to still maintain the project schedule deadlines even if I'm required to work extra. While this is completly legal, I believe it is completly unethical and I am extremely angry over the situation.

Thank you for reading,



betwixt and between
Oh, Jason, I am with you and my reaction is just exactly what Bill has just written. This is appalling. I suggest that an anonymous source contacts the newspapers ASAP. Disreputable is an understatement!