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my old line of thinking was always that it was better to have multiple smaller ones, just in case one was corrupt or I forgot one in the computer. Of course with files getting bigger with each generation of camera, those old 4GB and 8Gb cards fill up awfully quick.
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In the days if single card bodies I would shoot two bodies with 1-2gb cards making sure half the ceremony, first dance, etc was shot with each body. On top pf that I would change cards regularly. With my first dual card body I still tried to split up the coverage between bodies, but switched to larger cards that I wouldn't have to switch during events. I never had an issues with bending CF card pins or writing over a card at an event, but I know others that had so....

And Expense? I had a connection in college I could buy 5.25 128k floppy disks from wholesale. I ran a small and profitable business selling them to other students.

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